Vintage Brass Cannon Barrel 28" long 26lbs Nice-Looking Rare MUST SEE For Sale

Vintage Brass Cannon Barrel 28

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Vintage Brass Cannon Barrel 28" long 26lbs Nice-Looking Rare MUST SEE:

For Sale Rare Vintage/Antique BP Brass Cannon Barrel 28" long 26lbs Very Nice-Looking!! Condition: is from an High-end Military Estate sale I personally do not know much about this gorgeous piece!! The original owner had one of the largest collections of military weapons some of the rarest this piece came personally from the family I found it in one of his museum rooms I'm display it's got some really nice looking artwork on it I believe it to be brass but could be wrong

It does have some numbers Overall a gorgeous piece great conversation piece and definitely one for the collection!!! As always please Check pictures for (Additional Details) on the Condition of the item. For Additional Details or Pictures Please reach out to me before offerding.I do my best to give as accurate info as I can. If you see something that I may have overlooked, please let me know and I will correct it. Also if you ever have any issues please contact me and never feel that you need to be combative. I am a very easy person to work with Details of what you are buying If you do not see it in the sale it is not included. Do not assume something is included.Items I list may have minor marks, blemishes, scuffs, scratches, etc. that I may have overlooked. Also please Check all picture's for (Additional Details) on the Condition of the item and always remember to do your Research before offerding on a item THIS IS A sale! ALL ITEMS ARE ALWAYS AS IS AS FOUND WHEN PURCHASE!! We do Accept Return's For International Shipping We Only use " Global Shipping" Also we don't ship to P.O Boxes!! if you have any Questions please feel free to send a message and I'll get back with you as soon as Possible. 

Payment: is due within 72 hours unless you contact me and update me on the situation If payment is not made Automatically Opens up a case an then you will get a strike against you an then the item will be relisted if Payment is made on time In return I will have your item in the mail Within 1 to 3 BUSINESS DAYS if not the same day of Payment "Thank you so much for looking Happy offerding!!

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