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Unusual 1811 Manuscript Military Election – Brunswick, Cumberland County, Maine for Sale - Soviet-Awards.com

Unusual 1811 Manuscript Military Election – Brunswick, Cumberland County, Maine For Sale

Unusual 1811 Manuscript Military Election – Brunswick, Cumberland County, Maine

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Unusual 1811 Manuscript Military Election – Brunswick, Cumberland County, Maine:

1811 Manuscript Military Election – Brunswick, Cumberland County, Maine

Offered for yourconsideration is an unusual manuscript document describing the election of acaptain in a local militia company. The document was apparently used in anofficial capacity, since it was guaranteed by a local justice of the peace uponthe author’s “solemn oath”. The body of the document states that “IJames Dinsmore of Brunswick in the County of Cumberland testify and say that onthe fifteenth day of January 1811 I was at Stoddards tavern in said Brunswickwhen and where the Company of Militia, formerly commanded by Roger Merrill wasassembled for the purpose of choosing a Captain thereof; before the companyproceeded to vote and before seated, by themselves for that purpose, someperson asked Col Charles Thomas, whether he thought there was a sufficientnumber of legal voters present to make a legal choice. After the company wasseated, I saw Col Thomas count the company but did not hear him say how manythere were present.”. Apparently there were a sufficient number, as thetext continues by stating that “I saw Col Thomas take a hat and go round tothe soldiers who were seated and collect the votes. After he had sorted andcounted the votes, I heard him declare, that John Lee had nineteen votes, thatNath Poor had twenty votes, that Nath Poor was chosen. I heard Col Thomasenquire for a Sergeant to give Mr Poor notice of the choice.”. Thedeclaration portion concludes with a statement that “The ballot was orderly andpeaceable and it appeared to me that Mr Poor was fairly chosen.”. Thisis followed by the signature of “James Dinsmore”, the author of thedocument. Below this is an additional statement, in much smaller lettering,which was written at “Cumberland ss. April 8th 1811”and reads “Personally appeared James Dinsmore and made solemn oath that the abovedeclaration by him signed is true. / before me ---- Henry Putnam Justice of the Peace”. The back ofthe document bears two filing notations, one reading “No. 9 / JamesDinsmore” and the other stating “for Nathl Poor”. Though the state isnot specifically mentioned within the document, cursory research indicates thatBrunswick is located within Cumberland County in the state of Maine (at thetime this declaration was written, however, this area was still part ofMassachusetts, Maine not achieving statehood until 1820). An interestingdocument which is certainly worthy of further research (it is possible thatthese men would subsequently become involved in the upcoming War of 1812).

The presently offereddocument exhibits signs of expected period use, followed by over 200 years of reasonablygood storage. Toning is noted across the entire surface, imparting to the papera tan to light brown hue (the original color of the paper is unknown to theseller). This toning, in common with many other paper items, is somewhat darkerat the edges and along the folds. Fading has affected all of the writtenportions of this piece, though upon examination, all of the text is legible(some of the words are difficult to read due to a combination of the fading andthe author’s questionable penmanship). Numerous folds are present, severalassociated with the documents filing and some from improper handling. Some ofthese folds have affected the integrity of the paper, especially at the edges(a few small tears can be found, easily strengthened by the purchaser witharchival tape). The edges are ragged and irregular, especially the left, whichappears to have been torn from a book or ledger. Measuring approximately 7¼ x11½ inches, this document would make an excellent research project for a localhistorian or a great addition to any Early American military collection.

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