Original Potsdam Treaty August 2, 1945 50% OFF SALE For Sale

Original Potsdam Treaty August 2, 1945 50% OFF SALE

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Original Potsdam Treaty August 2, 1945 50% OFF SALE:

For sale on is the original draft of the treaty between the US, England and the Soviet Union called the "Potsdam Treaty' which ended World War II in Europe with signature lines for Truman, Stalin and Atlee; these 3 men met at Potsdam (a suburb of Berlin) from July 17 to July 25 1945 to decide the future of post-war Europe (this resulted in the division of Germany into East Germany (the DDR)(the Soviet Zone) and West Germany (BRD) the American, British and French Zones; as well as changing all the boundaries of Europe etc. etc.Chapter II Establishment of Council of Foreign Ministers; Chapter III Germany; Chapter IV Reparations for Germany; Chapter V Disposition of the German Navy and Merchant Ships; Chapter VI City of Koenigsberg and Adjacent Areas (today this is Kalingrad in the Russian Republic); Chapter VII War Criminals; Chapter VIII Austria; Chapter IX Poland; Chapter X Conclusion of Peace Treaties and Admission to the United Nations organization etc. etc. "approved J.V. Stalin, Harry S. Truman, C.R. Atlee." THIS DOCUMENT IS WORD FOR WORD IDENTICAL TO THE FINAL POTSDAM TREATY EXCEPT (1) some typographical errors; and (2) the final treaty that was adopted on August 2, 1945 has the title "The Potsdam Declaration" and (3) this document (which obviously was negotiated and drafted just hours before the "The Potsdam Declaration" ) has the date August 2, 1945 and the title "Report on thje Tripartitle Conference of Berlin"; 15 pages long, good condition except for first page with stain and some tears; THE ONLY DOCUMENT OF ITS KIND ; bought October 2, 2004 lot 949 at Aurora sales, Los Angeles, a sailor on the USS Augusta (CE Boop) kept this original mimeographed copy (he was obviously working on the mimeograph machine in Potsdam) ; the USS Augusta was very important in WWII, it was the headquarters ship for the D-Day invasion; Truman took it from the US to Potsdam and Truman returned to the US on the USS Augusta (while on board on the return trip he made the decision to drop the Atomic bomb on Hiroshima); this Treaty for sale also contains much USS Augusta material, memorabilia and photographs (2 vintage photos of Truman on the USS Augusta, a photo of FDR meeting Churchill on the USS Augusta, 2 photos of General Patton (I think North Africa invasion etc.GREAT AMERICAN HISTORICAL DOCUMENT BELONGS IN A MUSEUM OR MAJOR UNIVERSITY!!!!!!!!! END OF WORLD WAR II IN EUROPE;;; RELATED TO THIS BUT "NOT FOR SALE" IS CIRCA 5 HOURS OF FOOTAGE ON VCR TAPES OF THE USS AUGUSTA INCLUDING (1) THE D DAY INVASION (THE USS AUGUSTA WAS THE HEADQUARTERS SHIP FOR THE D DAY INVASION; (2) A GREAT DEAL OF FOOTAGE ABOUT PRESIDENT TRUMAN ON THE USS AUGUSTA BEFORE AND DURNG THE POTSDAM CONFERENCE; (3) PHOTOS OF GENERAL PATTON; FDR AND CHURCHILL ON THE USS AUGUSTA ETC. GREAT AMERICAN HISTORY NBC (TV) WOULD PROBABLY BE INTERESTED!!!!!!!!!!!!

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