Old Relic Altered WW2 era US Military Swivel Bale M1 Helmet Vehicle Gas Funnel For Sale

Old Relic Altered WW2 era US Military Swivel Bale M1 Helmet Vehicle Gas Funnel
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Old Relic Altered WW2 era US Military Swivel Bale M1 Helmet Vehicle Gas Funnel:

This Buy it Now sale is for an altered M-1 Helmet. This is a WW2 era Swivel Bale M1 Helmet steel pot shell that has the edge trim closing in the front. Only WW2 era steel pot shells have the edge trim closing in the front. Too many soldiers would hit their helmets against things, and the trim would separate, and come off of the helmets. The U.S. Military changed the design to have the edge trim closing on the back sides of helmets in the Early 1950s Korean War era. The first manufactured helmets has welded on Fixed Bales in 1942. The 1943 and latter steel pot shells had the bale strap loops change to a Swivel Bale with a hedge. The steel pot shell offered for sale here had the bales break off, and was repurposed to be a vehicle gas funnel. This is a period alteration. The Military altered a helmet part that was missing the side bales into a funnel. This would be used to gas up a tank or other type of vehicle. This item has sun fading, scratches, dents, paint loss, oxidation to the metal parts, etc. It was repurposed and altered into a gas funnel for a vehicle. There is some Military yellow paint, the type used on stencil markings. It is no longer in the perfect condition that it once was in the day it was originally manufactured. It is both damaged from having been used, and damaged from being old. Time slowly destroys old things. This item will have to be mailed in a package around the size of 13 Inches, by 12 Inches, by 29 Inches.


For Legal reasons, the items in this listing are stated as \"Used Condition\". What is a \"Used Condition\" item? It is an item that is in \"Poor Terrible Condition\". They are better condition than \"Dug Relic Condition\" items. Items are no longer like how they were the day they were first manufactured. Items have been used by someone Decades ago in another Century. Items will have defects and damage from having been used. The older something is, the worse the condition will be. Wool items will have Moth holes. Expect Moth damage to old wool items. Expect clothing to have dirt stains, frayed cuffs and collars. Expect there to be Mildew and Mold damage stains. Expect wrinkles. Expect buttons to be broken or missing. Expect zippers to be broken and non functional. Expect size tags to be missing or damaged. Expect leather items to be dried out and cracked. Hats will be crushed and bent out of shape. Do not expect clothing to fit you, it is not your size. Expect oxidation and rust on the metal parts. Expect items to be faded from having been exposed to sun light. Expect metal items to have dents, scratches, and paint loss. Expect items to have microscopic fractures when looked at under a microscope. Expect Electronic items to no longer work or be functional. These items are old and things slowly get destroyed by time. Please do not expect something in \"New Condition\", or \"Good Condition\". These items are in \"Used Condition\", and are Relics from another Century. The vintage items I list for sale are not wearable clothing, or usable items. They are sold as old collectibles only. If you are expecting something that is old and used to still be in nice shape, do not buy this item. I am trying to be 100% Honest, and Accurately Describe the Crappy Condition of the Old Relics I have for sale. If you want something that is in nice shape, than go to a store and buy something that is new. These items are old and damaged from use.


Shipping will be done via the US Postal Service. Priority Mail will be the means of shipping and Delivery Confirmation will be used. Overseas buyers will have a United States Customs Declaration Form Tracking Number. The item was rough weighed in an open box. I then put the rough shipping weight into the Calculated Shipping. calculated the shipping cost, not me. I won\'t know the shipping weight until the item is taken to my local post office when it needs to be mailed. I am not an employee of the USPS and the weight is just a rough measurement for listing purposes. I am not doing this as a business, I am just some guy trying to sell off my private collection of Militaria in order to try and pay some bills. I am using as a garage sale. If I can use a USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate box to send the item in, I\'ll mail it in one of those.

A Post Office employee told me a Small Priority Mail Flat Rate box costs around $12.00 to mail within the United States, or $40.00 to mail to Canada, or $60.00 to mail World Wide overseas outside the USA. A Medium Priority Mail Flat Rate box costs $22.00 to mail within the United States, or $80.00 to mail to Canada, or $120.00 to mail World Wide overseas outside the USA. A Large Priority Mail Flat Rate box costs $30.00 to mail within the United States, or $100.00 to mail to Canada, or $150.00 to mail World Wide overseas outside the USA.

I have mailed items in the past to: (Brazil, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Netherlands, Australia, Canada, Malta, Hungry, Belgium, Taiwan, etc.) I will use the Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes as much as I can. The local Post Office gives those boxes out to use. No \"Free Shipping\", the buyer has to pay 100% the shipping cost. Incorporated charges you their \"Calculated Shipping\" amounts. I don\'t do the shipping cost amounts. There will be no shipping refunds. I can not save you any money with \"Combined Shipping\". You have to pay whatever amount says the shipping costs are, for each individual item. This is all 100% honestly stated up front.

I will no longer use the International Shipping Program. They have lost items I have mailed. I will only mail International packages to your direct address overseas outside the USA.

Anyone trying to argue with me about the shipping, will go on the Blocked buyer List. All I want is \"Serious Buyers\" to click the \"Buy it Now\", and send immediate payment. I am not interested in \"Time Wasters\", sending me messages I really don\'t want to read in the first place. Shipping is Non-Negotiable. You have to pay whatever amount Incorporated says their \"Calculated Shipping\" is. This is a \"Buy it Now\" listing, not a chat forum. I don\'t want to talk with you for any reason. I just want to sell off my stuff, and not be bothered with pointless messages.


For years, the only acceptable means of Payment allowed by was via PayPal. I use to only accept PayPal payments. However, cut PayPal out of the loop in August 2020. Now there is the Managed Payments system. Sometimes there is an error with the calculated shipping. does the calculated shipping amounts, and I have no control over the computer uses to do the calculated shipping amounts. I try to use Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes to make the shipping cost more set in stone. I had a clerk at the post office tell me the shipping costs for the Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes. You have to pay whatever Incorporated says the It takes between 3 to 5 days for funds to transfer to my bank account. I will not be able to mail an item until after the funds finish transferring over to my bank. I\'m not trying to play games and cheat anyone on the shipping costs. I\'m trying to be 100% up front and honest. No \"Free Shipping\", the buyer has to pay 100% the shipping Cost. You have to pay whatever Incorporated says the calculated shipping amount is. I have no control over what they say the shipping cost is.

calculated shipping amounts are. I have no control over what they say the shipping cost will be. I just hope you paid enough to cover the full shipping cost. I use to send people back the excess shipping they overpaid in a PayPal Refund of the excess shipping not needed to mail the packaged item. However I am now unable to do excess shipping refunds, since started the Managed Payment system.


I mostly only leave other people response after they leave me response. Chances are, if you don\'t leave me any response I\'ll probably not leave you any either.

Return policy:

My preference for a return policy is, All Sales Final! No Returns! I try to be 100% Honest and show photos and describe items the best I can. Items tend to be old, used, and as is. There is an policy against Buyer\'s Remorse, it has helped me win quit a few dispute cases in the past.


I don\'t want to talk to anyone at all on here. I will try to bother to be nice, and answer your question. But, I am going to give you only one response to your question. If you keep sending me messages after that, you will automatically have your username added to the BLOCKED buyer LIST. I am not an experienced tailor and I do not take measurements of clothing. If I see a size marking on an old Quartermaster Tag, I will try to show a photo of it. If I say that I do not know the size, than please do not waste both of our time by asking about the size of an old militaria collectable. I am not selling usable items or wearable clothing. I am just selling off my collection of vintage military artifacts. They are old damaged relics in poor condition. I also tend to have items packaged away to try and keep moths from eating them. I only dig them out if they sell and need to be mailed. Please do not ask me to take more photos, because I won\'t take any more photos of things I have already stored away. Also, do not try to ask me to lower the shipping costs. You have to pay whatever Incorporated says the Calculated Shipping amount is. Buyer pays 100% the shipping cost. There is NO FREE SHIPPING. The buyer pays 100% the shipping cost. People who send me too many messages without having bought something, or try to get me to lower the shipping cost, will be added to my Blocked buyer List.

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