Military Surplus Store -Pins-Patches-Challange Coins-PICTURES DONT DO JUSTICE!! For Sale

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Military Surplus Store -Pins-Patches-Challange Coins-PICTURES DONT DO JUSTICE!!:

*** We have this listed on our store page and also our personal page.. so dont be alarmed if u see a similar listing*** THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HAS PURCHASED ITEMS FROM OUR STORE OVER THE LAST COUPLE YEARS !!  WE NO LONGER HAVE THE TIME TO TEND TO LISTING ON HERE DUE TO A NEW JOB THAT TAKES UP ALOT OF OUR TIME ... SO ITS TIME TO PASS THIS AMAZING COLLECTION OF MILITARY SURPLUS ITEMS TO SOMEONE WHO WILL APPRECIATE IT AND GIVE IT THE TIME IT DESERVES! THESE PICTURES DONT EVEN SCRATCH THE SURFACE OF SHOWING YOU WHATS HERE ***IF YOU SERIOUSLY INTERESTED IN THE LOT, YOUR WELCOME TO COME SEE IT IN PEFSON SO THAT YOU CAN SEE WHAT ALL YOUR GETTING.*** Military Pins - Patches-Challange Coins -  DKP’s Old Military Surplus Store.  Pictured is just a portion of some of the items that make up this lot .. If you consider yourself a old timer and were into challenge coins or military surplus you probably have heard of Phillips military located in Brookhaven Mississippi If you’re into the challenge coins you probably got a couple of his coins with the initials DKP on them.  Mr. Don was a former commander of the Green Berets and once retired opened up Phillips military and ran it from 1960 to 1999.  Mr. Don closed in 1999 and did not open the doors again until 2018 when we bought his building and the remaining contents of his military surplus store. (So all items are considered vintage New Old Stock since they are at least from 1999 or older )  We are selling the remainder of the contents. They range from parachutes, to military clothes, to Vietnam era inflatable rubber boats , to military manuals , certificates , challenge coins , military pins , patches , bumper stickers , decals , keychains , and much much more ... if you counted each individual piece , I’d dare to say it’s over 75,000 pieces ... We have had a awesome run selling these items here and there on our pawn shops page over the last year or two ... but are now at a point with some of our other endeavors where we can’t give these items the attention they deserve ... So it’s time to pass them on to someone who can appreciate them ... Serious buyers are welcomed to come view and inspect everything before purchase ...  We are flexible on helping either shipping or delivery of the items to their new home .. we will be flexible on selling it if need be .. so don’t hesitate to ask any questions! and make any offers !  *** SHIPPING IS A OPTION.... IT WOULD PROLLY TAKE 3-5 PALLETS DEPENDING ON HOW HIGH YOU STACK IT.  WHEN WE HAVE SOLD UNITS THIS SIZE IN THE PAST, THE SMOOTHEST OPTION IS THE PERSON DRIVES OR FLYS HERE, THEN RENTS A UHAUL AND DRIVES IT BACK, OR PAYS SOMEONE TO DRIVE IT BACK..  WE ARE FLEXABLE AND CAN HELP IN ANY WAY NEEDED. ***

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Greece Greek Military Ike Style Jacket picture
Greece Greek Military Ike Style Jacket

Greece Greek Military Ike Style Jacket Dated 1975 picture
Greece Greek Military Ike Style Jacket Dated 1975

Antique French Naval Beret picture
Antique French Naval Beret

Surplus German Military Long Coat Size G44 #2 picture
Surplus German Military Long Coat Size G44 #2