Massive Trove Family Civil War 100\'s Letters John M Jackson 23rd Maine Infantry For Sale

Massive Trove Family Civil War 100\'s Letters John M Jackson 23rd Maine Infantry

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Massive Trove Family Civil War 100\'s Letters John M Jackson 23rd Maine Infantry:

Well, I do not know what to say. This is a Civil War trove I do not know how to simply describe. Te soldier was John M Jackson. He is best described in the Notre Dame University Library which houses about 30 of his family letters that they have written a lengthy article on. George Rugg begins:

John Mower Jackson (21 October 1840-2 July 1913) was born in Lewiston, Androscoggin County, Maine, the son of Joseph and Betsey Mower Jackson. Joseph Jackson owned and operated a farm, with real estate appraised at $6,000 in the 1860 Federal census. John Jackson resided at this farm prior to his departure for the army; he was unmarried and, as his letters make clear, had yet to establish himself in a profession (the 1860 census identifies him as a farm laborer). Also living at the farm were three older siblings: Delinda (b. 1831); Alonzo (b. 1833); and Delora (b. 1835).

On 29 September 1862 Jackson was mustered in to Company A of the 23rd Maine Infantry....

The contents of these letters will clarify and in some places correct assumptions of the account by Notre Dame...but there are around 100 letters written during the Civila war in this collection that supplement the 30 or so that Notre Dame has. There are also hundreds of letters, receipts and such...most from after the War...a couple letters before the War. Note the letter to John, just after the War, (4/19) discussing the death of Licoln and the missing of (Booth?) by Sheridan\'s Scouts. He even had a 10 cent Condederate stamp on the letter that is worth close to 1,000$.

I have not gone through these closely and do not know what all is in here. I would guess about 1,000 pieces. A lot of the Civil war postmarks are cut out. Perhaps once in a lifetime opportuinity as these collections are drying up. This is of more interest than usual as the letters are pages long, they cover the war and tie into the Notre Dame collection, and cover his life in Maine a generation after. email me with questions. I am firm on the price for now as it is $200/letter pertaining to the Civil War or about $20 an item otherwise.

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