Complete ALICE Field Pack w/ Frame Straps Belt USMC MARPAT rucksack backpack For Sale

Complete ALICE Field Pack w/ Frame Straps Belt USMC MARPAT rucksack backpack

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Complete ALICE Field Pack w/ Frame Straps Belt USMC MARPAT rucksack backpack:

NEW, complete, MARPAT Woodland Digital ALICE pack with padded shoulder straps, waist belt, kidney pad, heavy duty frame, and the pack itself is made of toughNylonCordura®.Unlike US issue packs these feature a rubberized waterproof lining throughout the entire inside of the pack so you do not have to use pack liners. Even the pouches and the lid have the waterproof coating and again improved from the US version the coating is ABOVE the map pocket so you do not have to worry about items stored in there getting wet.
These were produced for NATO member Albania who placed a large order and when they found out the switch to MOLLE they had to switch too.Theyused the USMC MARPAT woodland digital pattern for their design so this woodland pattern isn't an inaccurate reproduction but looks great with your MARPAT cammies.
Some of you old timers may remember, and many still prefer, ALICE gear over the new stuff. Used from Vietnam up in to the beginning of the 2000's, this type of gear has stood the test of time and many were not happy with the switch. Radiomen continued to be issued them while the rest switchedto the newer MOLLE because they carry heavy loads more reliably. That is the main reason many still prefer ALICE gear, it is because of the time and combat tested simple approach to hauling gear and the external ALICE frame is stronger and more robust than modern packs. You can even remove the pack from the frame and use the frame to haul water, ammo, or even fuel cans!
  • MARPAT camouflagedNylonCordura® packfeatures 62 liter total capacity
  • Waterproof inner coating
  • Lid has a map pocket with a hook and pile fastener closure and also has an ID pocket with clear plastic window
  • A radio pocket is located against the back on the inside
  • 6 outside pockets, three smaller upper pockets and 3 large lower pockets with strap and buckle adjustable closures and with snap fasteners for quick access
  • Equipment hangers are located above each outside pocket and on each side
  • Drainage eyelets are provided in the bottom of the main compartment and the outside pockets
  • Adjustable shoulder straps for a custom fit with perfect load balance
  • Cushioned lower back pads (a.k.a kidney pad) to give you a comfortable carrying platform and to protect you against shocks while carrying heavy items or hiking through rough terrain
  • Olive drab belt strap to secure your pack to your waist
  • The backpack can be used with or without the Field Pack Frame

Condition:New Never Issued

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