Antique Leather Hunter Military Shoulder Bag Pouch Knife Bullet Mold Powder Horn For Sale

Antique Leather Hunter Military Shoulder Bag Pouch Knife Bullet Mold Powder Horn

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Antique Leather Hunter Military Shoulder Bag Pouch Knife Bullet Mold Powder Horn:

I am selling a fantastic 50 year collection of Americana/Native American items. These items are special to me because they came from one of my mentors. This gentleman is a fanatic collector who only purchased the best of the best. Do not miss this once in a lifetime chance to own a true piece of American history.

You are offerding on one of the rarest items I have sold in nearly 50 years.This is an original not a new copy. This is an original over the shoulder Leather Hunters / Military Bag /Pouch used from about 1750 till approx. 1830.This bag has every original item still attached to it. The original flap leather bag. The large hand carved wooden top and spout, horn powder horn.Along with its original stag handle knife.Plus it has its original small powder horn used to put powder on the pan.The original horse hair miniature brush used to clean the flash pan.The original cleaning pin used to clean out the spark hole on the flash pan.This item is so original it even has a piece of the original cloth that the person used to cut up and use as wading in the barrel as well as fibers for the spark, bullet mold & 4 bullets.This item passed down directly from the family of the original hunter to the estate I purchased this from and now, to you.The size of the bag is approx... 11 X 7.5 inch, the size of the horn is approx. 10 X 2.5 inch, the size of the miniature horn is 3 X ¾ inch, and the size of the brush is approx.... 2 X 1/3 inch, the size of the cleaning pin is approx. 2 ¾ inch long and made from hand hammered steel.Finally the original stag handle, hand tooled blade knife, is approx... 9 inches long.

If you collect the best of the best in Revolutionary period items this can’t or should not be missed.Please review photos for condition. Ref # 1274 BonF

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